About Nick Poorman

Nick is a Golang data software enthusiast, building OSS data projects on Apache Arrow, and is currently the Director of Data Platform @RedVentures. He as also an investor @Untappd. When Nick is not at a computer, you can find him out racing sailboats and involved with various entrepreneurial ventures.


= open-source (OSS)


  • Founder Gomem Github Organization (Coming Soon)
    • Memory and data software in Go
  • Contributor apache/arrow
    • Ported the Apache Arrow C++ Parquet implementation to Go - ARROW-7905
  • Director of Engineering on Data Platform @RedVentures



  • Investor @Untappd
  • Senior Software Engineer on Data Science Engineering @RedVentures
    • Machine Learning, Data Enrichment
    • Scala, Spark (Databricks), Akka
    • MLEAP
    • AWS S3
  • Partner @Unreplied.io & @Unreplied.me - Email SaaS Product
  • Owner @features.ai


  • Partner @Unreplied.io & @Unreplied.me - Email SaaS Product
  • Lead Data Scientist @Untappd (@NextGlass)
  • Member of Port City Young Professionals





  • Full Stack Developer @Untappd (@NextGlass)
    • Reported to CTO
  • Author nickpoorman/mongodb-collection-dump
  • Author nickpoorman/object-stream-to-fs
    • Consume a stream of objects and save them to a file
  • Author nickpoorman/rmse
    • Calculates Root Mean Square Error
  • Author nickpoorman/sandbox-news
    • Hacker News style news site for Syracuse Student Sandbox
    • Built backend APIs in Node.js for the Alpha version of the Next Glass app
  • Contributor harthur/brain
    • Added ability to train artificial neural network from streams when data is too big to fit into memory 30 , 48
  • Contributor deoxxa/jsmc Javascript Minecraft Server
    • Added falling damage 23 , 24
  • Co-Founder @Regattable
    • Designed and implemented “The Harbor” - a software suite for race management. Improved on the PHRF system by using artificial neural networks to set handicap for boats by using boat specs such as LOA, LWL, etc..


  • Co-Founder & COO @Regattable
    • Designed, fund-raised, and built a portable (folding) 16-foot catamaran sailboat that fits in the trunk of your car.
    • Business planning, grant proposals, built contacts with banks or large payment processing, and public relations with the sailing community.


  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from SUNY Oswego - concentration in AI and Cyber Security
  • Cyber Defence Research PMC @Air Force Research Laboratory
    • Protocol Analysis, IPv6, OpenBSD Kernel Programming in C, CAC R&D, Cyber Sciences, Cyber Defense
  • Treasurer @Computer Science Association
  • Author nickpoorman/Java-Port-Knocking-Backdoor
    • A Semi-Stealthy Port Knocking Backdoor




  • Social Chairman @Computer Science Association
  • Project Manager (Contractor) @TEA
  • US Sailing Instructor @Oswego Maritime Foundation
  • Author nickpoorman/CSC344-A3-Python
    • First attempt at Python. Website that grabs comments from Ventrilo and displays them on a page


  • Systems Assembler @Seneca Data
  • President @‘Cuse Cuisine


  • Vice President of Production @Rockin’ Recipes


  • US Sailing Instructor @Henderson Harbor Water Sports